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elka 17.5" count as long travle...
and what kind of handling do u think it will give me if i put them on stock arms???
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No and w00terty. You dont get long travel with just a arms or just shocks. It's a combination of both that allows for extra wheel travel and a more plush and superior suspension. If your going to run stock a arms then you MUST buy standard travel YFZ shocks.
long travel is just a industry term for "longer than stock shocks" yes, i believe 17.5 is longer than stock, and will technically be considered long travel, but it wont work on standard length arms like unlucky said. try to find a set of arms that require 17.5 " shocks. or get after market shocks that are stock length.
Why wouldn't it, I can't see why it wouldn't work. Hey, it'd be as high as a monter truck, but i think itd work lol.
You wont be able to fit 17.5" shocks on stock arms. Anything from 15.50-16.25" is considered standard travel for a YFZ. If u take your stock shocks off and lift the front end off the ground (i used a floor jack to hold it there). I actually happened to measure the full stock a-arm travel. It measures 16.50" Thats as far as it goes. Maybe it will go farther with the tie rods off, but with them on, that as far as it goes, down to a mm. If u want a picture for proof, ill prove it to you. They dont move any farther. My TCS standard travel shocks are 16.25".
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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