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13 yfz need jetting help

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New to me 13. Had on a gutted stock muffler. Replaced that with a hmf slip on. I was having some issues with quick reving or stabbing the throttle, it would hesitate or bog down. To my knowledge the exhaust is the only thing done. It has the Mimi I carb. The jets that are in it are 152.5 A 55 and a 42.5. What should I upgrade to to bet better performance out of it?
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I thought the 13' yfzs were fuel injected. But your jetting is too lean, when you put on an aftermarket pipe it leans it

I run
170 main
48 pilot
at 1000ft
Where can I get bigger jets running a 165 right now and still acts lean
It’s a 2012 yfz 450 with a big gun and fmf powerbomb and no air box lid
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