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0t Yfz cranking slow

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I have a 05 Yfz that’s cranking slow even with a new battery n relays. I have seen some people with the same problem and they say that their problem was the diodes by the key but I don’t know how it looks like so idk what I’m looking for and don’t know where exactly it’s located.
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Did you find the problem, my friend? I have something similar
Did you?

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I changed the relays and the starter and got the battery charged and it seemed like it helped but now im running into another problem that when i push the start button it just clicks super fast.
check your timing, cams, valves, and i would get new relays n starter.
The yfz only has two relays, right? Are they the ones that are still on the side of the battery? I already changed the big one and it's still the same I think it's going to be the valves
yes it has two relays by the battery
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