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07 Wont Start Red Light On

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after a recent ride at dumont dunes. i turned off the bike and went to start it again and nothing. no noise no cranking, nothing just the red light comes on when i push the start button. But you can pull start it but it wont idle. Maybe no compression? Please help tell me where to get started.
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the light is normal.
Check the starter relay. Mine did the same thing, run a jumper wire were the three small wires go into the unit, i do not remember which wires but u should be able to get it to start when u get the right ones. If it works get a new starter relay
+1 mine did the same and it was the starter relay as well

idk what wires he is talking about though u can bridge the battery and it should start though
Do you hear a 'click' towards the back of the bike when you turn the key on?
mine did it for a while and i thought it was teh starter relay. unpluges it and wd40 it up and hasnt did it in a while
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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