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06 Yfz Parts

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2 pairs of headlights..........50 shipped ea.

electric start parts(I just put a kicker on) Starter and parts that go around battery.......50 shipped

stock a arms, stock silver color! lower right has a dent, but did not affect handling..125 shipped

stock heel guards......40 shipped

Stock front shocks,white springs, great cond..........SOLD

AC Blackline front bumper........40 shipped and I need a stocker

I need to sell this stuff fast!! I can take pics and email them to anyone.
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send me pictures of the bumper [email protected], is it chipped or bent?
can you send a pic of the a-arms,or atleast the dent to [email protected]
bumper? [email protected] pics please. i may trade for DG alloy and stocker???
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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