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05 yfz450 not starting

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05 yfz450 not starting and when I push the start button it does a clicking noise by the relays and the temp light turns on. It has new Yamaha relays and new battery too and I just cleaned the carb n adjusted the valves. Does anyone know what could be wrong with it?
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the starter wasnt connected so now i got it connected and it cranks but really slow. I just check the cams and they were 180 degrees out so i got those in spec now those are good. I also checked the valves and those were in spec. But i tryed pushing the decompession pin on the EX cam and it wouldnt go in. now i put everything back together and try to start it and the same is happening it just cranks super slow n it did one backfire but i know the valves are in spec so the back firing couldnt be coming for the valves being out of spec. What could be happening here? I am going to order a new starter and see if that fixes it. Could it also be the decompession pin on the EX cam making it crank over super slow too?
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