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04 Motor 650 Obo

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The rod bearing went out in the bottom end. The transmission is in great working condition, only the bottom end of the engine needs to be replaced(would be a great time for an upgrade) The top end is in perfect running condition and is already removed ready to install on a new bottom end other than that the motor is clean its already been torn down just need some work and im not a motor guy but when i bought my quad it came with this motor blown the kid said a shop told him what was wrong but he didnt have the money to fix it and neither do i do im selling it as is Open to all offferrrrssss its already boxed and ready for shipping great for a spare or to completely build this one as a race motor, you guys shouldnt need pics you know what a yfz motor looks like but just in case

for pictures clink on this link


thanks for looking
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