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04 Headlights

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First off, I have done a bunch of research stemming from:

I have an 04 and my connectors are different from the topic above. I have a manual but I am not an electrical engineer. I'm not sure how to read the wiring diagram.

I have 4 wires left on my harness (I finished the start button, which works properly). I have a Yellow, Blue, Green and Yellow/Red wire. The Yellow/Red wire had another red wire spliced into it from the factory which I have since removed.

Three way switch:

on off on

where should each wire go on the switch? I tried putting the blue wire to the middle, the green wire on the left, the yellow wire on the right and grounding the yellow/red. Obviously this does not work.

The light switch in the manual shows the following diagram:
Y/R - yellow/red
L - blue
Y - yellow
G -green

This leads me to believe that the yellow/red is power, blue is ground and yellow and green closed the circuit for hi and low beams, so I'm guessing that yellow/red should go to the middle, yellow to one side, green to the other side and blue to ground?

Can anyone confrim or deny this?

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Connect both the yellow/red and blue wires to the middle post and the yellow and green wires to each of the two side posts.
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Connect both the yellow/red and blue wires to the middle post and the yellow and green wires to each of the two side posts.[/b]
Awesome. I will try when I get home and post the results. I'm glad someone was able to answer my question. I am mounting the switch directly to the frame, and I think it has a built in ground. That shouldn't cause a problem should it?
Nope, shouldn't be a problem although it's not necessary.
Sent you a PM! Also, your lights are grounded through the black wire in the headlight plugs if you look at the wires going into the plugs you'll see the wire. Grounding of the switch is not needed. Let us know how it turns out.
Yellow/Red and Blue to center post worked like a charm...Thanks everyone.
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