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04/05 Yfz In Michigan?

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Just wondering if there is anybody on here in michigan that would be willing to help. Basically I just need to borrow a cdi box for a minute to see if mine is bad. Tired of buying parts that dont fix the problem. I have no spark and have replaced the stator, and coil with no luck.
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cant you test it with a circuit tester?... if your not getting power or continuity throu the wires then its bad....
no the dealer said its trail by error they said.
where you located in mi.
Im from saginaw
from saginaw or live in saginaw?
could check and see if my buddy is willing to drive up to saginaw tomorrow and see if we put my cdi box on your quad and see if it runs?
I live in saginaw. I wouldnt be available untill this weekend. what is your bike doing exactly? Have you messed with anything or did it just die?
Things to check.......

Ignition coil
Battery...jump it out with a car battery (don't assume it's charged)
One thing that bothered me for days was there's a little #12 wire that runs alongside the ground wire for the battery to the motor...middle ways there's a bullet connector...check it and clean it...it gets corroded being exposed to the elements.
the quad just died. It lost spark and I have replace the stator, wiring harness and coil with no luck.
ok well hopfully its fixed by this weekend.
you dont have a tether type kill switch do you?
Did you try a new spark plug? If you replaced the entire wiring harness, then its probably the cdi box. Or maybe a fuse went out too.
im thinking cdi and i ordered one yesterday. There are only 2 fuses on the whole quad right?
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