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  1. YFZ450 & YFZ450R General Talk
    So I just got my Vortex ECU in the mail and installed it on my 2023 YFZ450r just fine. However, the issue came when I went to start the bike. When trying to start the bike cold with the Vortex ECU installed, it just cranks and cranks and eventually starts for a second but then stalls. I’ve tried...
  2. YFZ450 & YFZ450R General Talk
    i want to tune my yfz450 2012 to make it faster right now it is stock any recommendations on what should i start doing to make it faster i was thinking of a power comander but only the plug and play i dont want to be plugging in my computer everytime lmao, im new to this and i really want to...
1-2 of 2 Results