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  1. Maintenance
    My 2012 yfz450 wont start in neutral, and only starts in gear. the neutral light comes on but when you push the button nothings happens. its a inconvenience to have to start in gear and then have to find neutral. if you've had this problem please help. thanks
  2. Body
    I was wondering if new plastics like the ones on the 2020 yfz450s would fit my 2004 yfz450? Or older ones as long as they look a little newer than my current plastics
  3. Parts Reviews
    What are some possible things to look at my 08 raptor 450 bogs when catching high speed around 5th gear and bogs down when I climb a hill towards the top.
  4. Suspension and Steering
    Ok I know this question has been asked a lot but I am looking to get my stock shocks revalved/rebuilt on my 2008 yfz450 and was wondering what is the difference between standard travel +.5 and long travel +.5? Is it worth changing my a arms or should I just keep my stock a arms and...
1-4 of 5 Results