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  1. Need help upgrading my rappy 250! Thanks!

    YFZ450 & YFZ450R General talk
    Hi everyone this is my first post on any forum ever lol. I’ve been reading forums for a long time, just haven’t ever posted... Any input on my new bike build would be much appreciated! I am going to pick up a 2008 raptor 250 se (orange edition) today and want to trick this thing out!!! The...
  2. YFZ 450 CARB (zip tie mod)

    YFZ Powertrain
    I was planning on doing the zip tie mod, rather with a wire though. I wasn’t sure the benefits of this mod, only that it prevents a little bog. My yfz has little to no issues with bog. Is there any other benefits to this mod and should I even do it? Thank you !
  3. Having to give a fuel injected yfz450r has to start?

    YFZ Powertrain
    I have a 2014 yfz450r that I just got and It is completely stock everything but has a slip on FMF muffler, the guy I bought it from had a tuner on it but didn’t have it plugged it so I took it off because the wires were not hooked up or anything. When the quad is completely cold it seems to...
  4. Sprocket lock washer needed?

    I have just replaced my front sprocket and countershaft seal on my 2013 YFZ450. The replacement seal kit came with a sprocket lock washer (but this kit works for many models and even dirt bikes). Do I need to put the lock washer on? It didn’t come with one stock so I didn’t know if it was meant...
  5. Countershaft seal replacement

    New Member Intros
    When installing a new countershaft seal on a 2013 YFZ 450 does the oil have to be drained?
  6. Stock or aftermarket? What does it do?

    YFZ450 & YFZ450R General talk
    Does anyone know what this screw controls? It looks like an after market fuel mixture screw but I’m not sure. Any suggestions? Picture attached.
  7. Mystery fluid leak

    I just put a new clutch sprocket and chain on my 2013 yfz450 and I didn’t torque the 30mm nut down good enough bc it came loose while riding. I then noticed that under my clutch sprocket it was leaking a fluid and I don’t think it’s oil? Does anyone know what I may have done to cause this leak...
  8. Clutch sprocket nut stuck!!

    I’m trying to replace my clutch sprocket on my 2013 yfz450 and I can’t get the 30mm nut loose. I’ve tried an air impact and a large wrench. This thing won’t break loose!!!! Please help bc I’m going crazy.
  9. what sprocket works best on tracks?

    YFZ450 & YFZ450R General talk
    I have a 2013 YFZ450 and I’m trying out riding tracks. I need a new chain and sprockets but I don’t know what tooth count works best on tracks. Stock is 14front and 38rear. Anyone have suggestions for what I should get that works best on tracks?