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  1. For Sale 2020 yfz 460 se

    Complete Quads
    Like new 2020 yfz 450 se. My riding buddy bought this just before being diagnosed with cancer. It is completely stock, perfect condition. He rode it maybe half a dozen times, probably less. Unfortunately he lost his battle with cancer, so I'm assisting his wife sell his toys. In addition to the...
    $9,000 USD
  2. YFZ450 & YFZ450R General Talk
    I have a 2006 Yfz 450 and when I start it, it runs perfectly but once I rev it most of the time it stays reved high and sometimes dies down. It was running good about a year ago and slowly started doing that. What do you guys think it could be? Carb is all stock has slip on Yoshi that’s it
  3. 05 YFZ Rescue

    According to the previous owner I'm the third owner of this quad. I offered him $500 and he took it. I bought a gasket kit for it, slapped it together and the rest is history
  4. YFZ450 & YFZ450R General Talk
    Hello y’all. First post here. Have a 2016 yfz450r. Have a spark issue. New stator and new coil that are both oem parts. Have power to coil but no spark. Anyone else have a similar issue? Any help is appreciated thanks y’all.
  5. YFZ450 & YFZ450R General Talk
    So I recently rebuilt my 2009 yfz450r. Almost every part of the motor was replaced I have a vortex ECU. Originally it was hard to start after the rebuild and it could not crank over fast enough. Eventually I got it running with the starter for a little bit but shut it off. Soon the after I...
  6. Wanted
    Hey everyone, I'm looking for some parts to do an '06 swingarm conversion on my '05 YFZ. I already have the swingarm and the carrier. I'm looking for everything else: rear caliper anything else I'm missing for the swap I'm also looking for an 07 front brake master as well If you have any of...
    $1,234 USD
  7. Want to Buy FOUND!

    Cant figure out how to delete post :(
    $300 USD
  8. Quad Projects
    first of all i apologize if this is posted in the wrong spot just joined the forum. Hey y’all, i just picked up a 2008yfz450, cheap didn’t run great and smoked so i tore it apart cleaned carb and did valve seals, anyway i put it back together, put it in time, (can mod done) and the thing will...
  9. YFZCentral Contests
    Hey guys, I’ve been looking at the Alba website and am considering getting some beadlock wheels (front and back). Have y’all had any experience on this website, and what size beadlock rings, lug pattern, and sizes should I get for the front and back? Thanks (I know I sound like a noob lol)
  10. Parts
    Anybody wanting to buying a gytr se front grab bar in excellent/new condition? It’s from my 2020 YFZ450rSE Send some offers if you’re actually interested in buying.
  11. YFZ450 & YFZ450R General Talk
    planning on going to silver lake this summer. working on getting a group together and possibly staying at an airbnb due to the fact that every camp site is booked. lol. i’ve never been dune riding before. any tips or tricks would be appreciated. certain things to look out for. novice mistakes to...
  12. YFZ450 & YFZ450R General Talk
    Hey I bought a 2009 Yfz450r Like 2 weeks ago, the first day I got it it was working perfectly it starter right up and it was driving perfectly(was riding on snow) i stopped driving it for a little and like 15 min later I went to start it and it didn’t wanted to start. I realized I had a bad...
  13. Body
    hi im new in this forum, Im looking to see if someone have the templates for the stickers for the 2007 YFZ thanks [email protected]
1-14 of 33 Results