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  1. Vortex X-10 ECU and Peak mount for 09-20 YFZ 450R $550 shipped

    Almost brand new! Purchased this item around 4 months ago for $700 and no longer have the ATV. This product will transform your quad! Seriously it makes it run crazy hard! No more bog, no more flame outs, instantaneous throttle response, and mod ready. Fully adjustable with a screw driver. 10...
  2. 2014 yfz 450r power commander

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    Just bought a 2014 yfz 450r it has full dasa exhaust system with the power commander V and K&N air filter But when I’m going to turn slow in first gear the four wheeler wants to cut off but only when I’m going slow if I’m on the gas it rides good. I was just wondering if it’s the power commander...
  3. Vortex, Monster shorty 38 Motorsports

    YFZ450 & YFZ450R General talk
    So I just purchased a Vortex x10 and a monster shorty exhaust, gonna order my FCI intake tomorrow and the 38 Motorsports AIS block off plates and the oil box breather from them also. I’m wondering if I need anything else for it to unleash the power. And was wondering what settings I should set...

    YFZ450 & YFZ450R General talk
    What settings would you run on the new version of the vortex. I know everybody use to use map 9 7,7,2 but is it the same on the newest update? My yfzr has a hmf exhaust,uni filter no lid, ais delete and 1000ft above sea level. Thank you in advanced
  5. 2020 yfz450r

    YFZ450 & YFZ450R General talk
    So I just picked up my quad yesterday. And I let it warm up and my pipe was glowing red. I know it’s running super lean. But I found a vortex x10 for a 09 to 19 but I’m wondering if it will work on my 2020. And getting a dasa exhaust would help let the yfz450r run richer.
  6. Yfz450r 2020 Vortex won’t start

    YFZ450 & YFZ450R General talk
    Bought a vortex ecu installed it today and the bike won’t do anything fuel pump won’t prime nothing plug old ecu in and works fine