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  1. YFZ Powertrain
    Well I have a 2005 yfz450 has a problem for the first start it will crank and crank and not fire but as soon as I hook up a car charger to battery I wait about 20 seconds and it will fire right up and run fine. They battery doesn't die and after that one start for the next 6 hours or so it will...
  2. Maintenance
    Hey there I'm new to this community and actually just bought my first quad last week, so any advice would be much appreciated! I just came back from a dune trip to the Sand Lake Dunes in Oregon and purchased a 2006 YFZ 450 (bill ballance edition) just so that I could ride with my friends and...
  3. Quad of the Month
    I have a stock 2004 YFZ450 with a HMF pipe. Bike runs great but there’s been several times where the bike will shutoff when popping a wheelie. In order for it to turn back on I have to wait like 20 min before it turns on again. You can hear the bike trying to turning like it’s about to turn on...
1-3 of 3 Results