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  1. YFZ450 12’ carb best top end rebuild kit

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    Looking to replace piston etc etc and valve seals, burning oil. Should I go oem w/ piston or? Lmk ASAP thanks!!
  2. 07 yfz 450 high compression after rebuild

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    07 yfz 450 high compression with stock engine So i changed out the cylinder and piston on the quad after i had smoke leaking out of the exhaust head. Ended up changing out the piston and cylinder. Wanted to do it soon anyway. Put it all back together and got two very loud pops on start up...
  3. YFZ 450 - 05 strange noise after rebuild

    YFZ450 & YFZ450R General talk
    Hi All, I am new to the forum and looking for some assistance, I have rebuild my 05 YFZ 450, new hot rod crank, big-end bearings, Piston and head gasket. once I finished it up, I first turned it over by hand without the spark plug and no fuel to make sure it span freely and no odd sounds, I...
  4. Top and bottom end rebuild

    YFZ450 & YFZ450R General talk
    So, I just bought a 2005 yfz450 for Christmas (2 weeks ago) The seller told me it was never rebuilt and that it was always riding on trails. Unfortunately for me, I was just putting around my yard and it blew my piston. When I had taken my top end off I found that my piston was in 5 pieces and...