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  1. Parts Reviews
    I want to know if an aftermarket header would be worth it, I've heard good things about the megabomb header but I'm not quite sure if I want to go with it. I've also heard stock header is hard to beat. I don't know, let me know what you think. It doesn't have to be a fmf header. I have a hmf...
  2. Parts Reviews
    I understand what this is for, and is theoretically a revolutionary component. But practically speaking, does it work? Let me know what you all think. Thanks.
  3. Parts Reviews
    Which one is better. I have a Fuel customs Intake, and I want to get my brother an intake for his birthday. The ron woods is cheaper, but I want to get him the one that is better. If they are within a margin of error, I'll get the cheaper one. Let me know your opinions or dyno sheets. Thanks!
1-3 of 3 Results