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  1. Quad Projects
    first of all i apologize if this is posted in the wrong spot just joined the forum. Hey y’all, i just picked up a 2008yfz450, cheap didn’t run great and smoked so i tore it apart cleaned carb and did valve seals, anyway i put it back together, put it in time, (can mod done) and the thing will...
  2. Maintenance
    The issue or rather issues started after my starter relay went bad twice. I bump started my bike and rode maybe a block my battery then decided to blow up and when I say blow up I mean smoke was billowing out, it got so hot it melted my plastic around battery box and killed the bike immediately...
  3. YFZ450 & YFZ450R General Talk
    07 yfz 450 high compression with stock engine So i changed out the cylinder and piston on the quad after i had smoke leaking out of the exhaust head. Ended up changing out the piston and cylinder. Wanted to do it soon anyway. Put it all back together and got two very loud pops on start up...
  4. YFZR-X Powertrain
    so to start with I have a vortex ecu and a gt Thunder manual idle air control. This all started long ago and in the beginning the quad would randomly shut off then not restart for a few hours. After I let it sit it would start no problem, then it slowly got harder to cold start, Now the quad...
1-4 of 4 Results