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  1. YFZR-X Powertrain
    2017 450r HMF performance slip on exhaust HMF fuel optimizer Pro design - Pro Flow K&N intake w/o a top cover I'm noticing slight hesitation at lower rpms when rolling into throttle/light acceleration. As well as an excessive amount of backfire around those same rpms or with light blips. Mid/top...
  2. YFZ450 & YFZ450R General Talk
    Hey I was planning on getting a FMF mega bomb but didn’t want to spend a lot on a programmer would à hmf work?
  3. Maintenance
    I have a 2019 yfz 450r with a full hmf egg shape exhaust, gytr air filter mod, and the hmf fuel optimizer. If someone could help me out with what I should adjust the settings to for the best tune. Right now it is the beginning of winter where I am. It still has a slight bog and the pipe glows...
  4. New Member Intros
    2017 YFZ 450r on this I have a full HMF system, I have the GYTR air box adapter and filter on order. Of course it has the stock bog still and the HMF backfires, the machine runs and starts good but I’m looking to see if it’s worth getting the Vortex ECU. I plan on tracking it daily so I’ll spend...
  5. YFZ Powertrain
    I’m getting a Hmf preformance slip on and I have a 2020 yfz450r at the moment I have no programmer eventually I’m going to put one on but not now if I put just the slip on on now will it hurt the bike bc I’ve had many people tell me you can get a slip on and not use a programmer but if u got a...
1-5 of 6 Results