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  1. YFZ450 & YFZ450R General Talk
    I’m about to put a 14:1 high compression piston in and stage 2 hot cams I was looking at getting a Tokyo mods carb I’ve heard great things about them but there’s almost nothing listed on what they do to them. I was also looking at a mikuni 42mm carb and trying to decide if I should get that. Any...
  2. YFZ Powertrain
    I recently bought a 2009 YFZ 450R with a acrb conversion. Ever since I got it, I can't seem to get the idle right. I did buy a tach/hourmeter that wraps around the coil, so I could see numbers and not guess at it. I know the service manual says the Idle should be right around 2,000, but when I...
1-2 of 2 Results