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a arms
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  1. EFI Quads and Parts
    Anybody have A-Arm skid plates they're willing to part with? I ordered them online thru motosport.com 3 months ago and still not in stock. I would happily buy used ones off here assuming they're in fairly good condition and have all the mounting hardware needed.
  2. Suspension and Steering
    So I recently bought a 2010 yfz450x bill ballance edition. The previous owner said it had gt thunder xc a arms. He said it used Honda spindles and Honda hubs. I wanna change the a arms to houser long travels. My question is does anybody know if gt thunder did make those a arms? I cannot get any...
  3. Suspension and Steering
    Just got a set of the ars fx a arms and don’t have any of the hardware, bushing,spacers And whatever else is need to install these. Any info will help. Thanks
1-3 of 3 Results