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  1. New YFZ owner!

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    Hey, guys I just bought a 2008 yfz450se and I'm mainly doing trail riding with buddies. I have a couple of mods that are simple I just have to rebuild the carb, change oil and buy an air filter. I saved up over the years so any mods or ideas budget-friendly would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Problem with headlights not working on a 2008 yfz 450se

    Headlights won’t work. Replaced the bulbs and battery for the quad. Took the headlight and used some wire and connected it to the battery directly and it turns on. Power to where the headlight wires connect to the wiring harness. Know switch works because I hooked it up to my voltage meter and...
  3. Need jetting advice 08 yfz450

    So i’ve been having an issue with my 2008 yfz450, i’ve been running super lean as to where I backfire any time I shift or let off the gas or really anything.. sometimes shoot flames. Right now I have a full jdjetting setup with a 175 main jet (the biggest that JDJetting has) and I think that’s...