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  • jdthomas24 ·
    Terse, you have helped me out in the past and I have been away from my quad for awhile. Wanted to give you the info and pick your brain.

    04yfz. Cam mod. Rosier full exhaust. 12.1 piston. No air is lid.

    Was jetted at 172 main 48 pilot on 3rd clip.

    Was having issues with pop on decel so I cleaned carb and rejected. While at it I replaced carb boot and exhaust manifold gasket.

    Since then I can not get the bike to run. Poppa heavily on acceleration while on lift. No load.

    Re leaned carb and replaced all jets.
    165 main. 4 clip and 48 pilot.

    I have tried 150-180 mains

    I have tried 42-55 pilots.
    Every Clip and everywhere in between. Rejected bike 32 times with Clio changes and jet changes. It will not run without backfiring in the midrange areas which is needle. Swapped needle and still does it.
    I should be able to get somewhere close but I can never get there. I'm leaning to there being a problem with the bike.

    Any ideas?
    scott s ·
    I have a Venom 98mm piston with the 18 wrist pin for WR crank. I am looking to get new rings for it. Do you have a part number for CP for these or where do I go to buy them?

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